“Gone” from Regina

Each day, I take another step forward as the Gone John project becomes a little more real.  Well – actually – it took a big leap forward over the course of the past weekend.

On Saturday morning, my parents rolled up to my apartment building with a Ford F-150 and a rented trailer. Miraculously, we crammed, shoved, and squeezed all my worldly possessions in to the get-up.  (Can you believe I had five big boxes of kitchen crap?  FIVE.  They’re MY boxes, and I can’t believe it.)

Early this week, the last few pieces of my material worth were also packed up, and yesterday morning after a glowing review of the condition of my suite (the clean up job has me in the running for a Molly Maid of the Year titleholder sash), I handed over the keys for my apartment to the caretaker.

It’s done.  It’s over.  Arguably the biggest leap of the things-you-should-do-before-traveling-the-world has been taken.  I’ve downsized my accommodations from a fourth floor, two bedroom apartment in the city to a room in my parents’ basement (okay, I’ve overtaken pretty much the entire basement) about 200km away.

Moving in with your parents at age 34 normally isn’t usually part of the big life plan, but because I consider this temporary (74 days until I get on an airplane) I am at ease with my decision to give up “my own space” for something bigger.  It’s all part of the process of making this travel adventure a reality – and I’m grateful I have family that is supportive of what I’m embarking upon.  Without this, I couldn’t make the trip happen.

I’ve always made good friends in Regina and have had many career milestones in the city, and that makes it tough to come to the realization that inevitably something amazing has always come about whenever the Queen City has been in my rearview mirror.

Moving to Yorkton in 2001 gave me financial independence which helped scratch those first solo travel itches.  Moving to Saskatoon in 2007 introduced me to a circle of friends who have changed my life for the better.  Moving to Yorkton in 2015 will be the thing that gets me on the road, accomplishing the goal of long-term travel.

Saying goodbye sucks.  But, from everyone I’ve talked to about the kind of trip I’m planning, it’s something I have to get used to.

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