The Gone John Show Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Gone John Show!  This is the companion podcast to the content I’m producing on the website

I wanted to create a podcast to complement the video and text content I’m producing on the website, but it also is a piece which I’m hoping can stand on its own as a way for some people to consume the story of my travel adventure.

Each episode (and hopefully week), my goal is to tell the story of the trip in a highly personal way, share the stories of other people I meet, and to bring to life some of the places I have visited.

While most episodes will be decidedly underproduced with no whiz-bang sound effects, musical intros, or other conventions you might find in a podcast or radio show, the show will strive to come to you from natural locations to help give it a sense of place.  Whether it’s recording an episode from a busy cafe or coffee shop, the common room at a hostel, or in a city park, the show will take on a different feel each episode depending on where I am.

Be sure to send feedback on what you’d like to hear about on the show.  The e-mail address is john at

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