Voting in #Elxn42 from Outside Canada

As a politics and news geek – and as someone who believes in the process of democracy – there’s no way I would miss out in voting in this fall’s Canadian general election.  And if you’re a fellow Canuck who is on the backpacker trail or living abroad, you shouldn’t miss out making your mark either.

In this video, I show how to use the mail-in voting kit from Elections Canada to cast your ballot, and I talk a little about the five year rule which has reared its head in this election – affecting some ex-pats who have been outside the great white north for more than 5 years on private, non-governmental/military business.  (I did make a tiny mistake in the video saying the Ontario Supreme Court caused the change, when it is an Ontario Court of Appeal.  Just putting it here for the sake of accuracy.)

If you haven’t applied yet to get your mail-in voting kit, visit Elections Canada’s website to do it now.

(My complete-as-can-be disclaimer : This video is about my experience voting with the Elections Canada mail-in voting kit.  I am not an official agent of Elections Canada, nor do I represent any political party or lobbying group.  I just want you to vote, dammit.  And – if for some reason there is an error in the video in some way, shape, or form, please consult the Elections Canada website for everything you need to know about voting.  I take no responsibility if something went awry in my description of the process to vote by mail.  There, I think the lawyers will be good with that.)

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