Episode 6 – How I Spent My Silver Week

Last week’s podcast was recorded smack-dab in the middle of Silver Week.  This week, a look back at the fun we got up to.

Yes, we – because there’s a guest on this week’s podcast.  Chris Nilghe is the guy behind the best English-language site dedicated to the Tokyo Disney Resort – TDRExplorer.com – and also happens to be the one whose floor I’m crashing on while in Japan for these three months.

On this episode, we talk about :

  • Autumn has arrived, and so have the autumn-inspired flavours in restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores!
  • This week marks a milestone in my trip – because it starts to stretch beyond “holiday” territory in to long term travel.
  • I am a sweaty mess.  I really should have packed more Under Armour.
  • Our Silver Week fun included a day at Spa LaQua, a trip to a nostalgia-themed mall in Nakano, an art exhibit dedicated to the design of robots and gundam, a trip to a traditional Tokyo neighbourhood, and good beer and good times in Ebisu.
  • We talk about Chris’ site – TDR Explorer – and how it has grown in the last two years.
  • What Japan taught me this week : when there isn’t any English on a menu, don’t assume you know what you’re eating!
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