Episode 8 – Thanksgiving with the Colonel

Welcome to the Gone John Show (Canadian) Thanksgiving Special!

Because food is such a big part of every family’s Thanksgiving celebrations, that’s what we’re talking about on this episode.

Joining me are a group of friends – Rhiannon, Chris and Lucas – to talk about food in Japan.

Thanksgiving with the Colonel, Chris, Rhiannon and Lucas!
Thanksgiving with the Colonel, Chris, Rhiannon and Lucas!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we got ourselves a bucket of KFC.  While we had no trouble going down the street to get the chicken this time, if it was Christmas it’d take a bit more planning.  KFC and Christmas is a big deal in Japan!

Burger King is also in the news this week after they unleashed a black-bunned “Halloween Whopper” in North America which looks a lot like the Kuro burger they offer for  a limited time in Japan.  But it’s causing some problems for people who eat it.  (Although Japan’s version doesn’t have the same side effect.  We explain why!)

Also on this episode : the strangest and best things we’ve eaten in Japan, vending machine guilty pleasures, and what everyone misses most from North America

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