Experiencing the Shin-Yokohama Ramuen Museum

It’s evident that I’m eating my way through Japan – and the latest thing to get in my belly has been ramen.  Delicious, succulent, salty ramen – and this time, I went to Shin-Yokohama to chow down at the Ramen (or Raumen – as they spell it) Museum.

There are nine different ramen shops inside the museum, each featuring different styles of the delectable dish.  The venue is also a sight to see, as it replicates a typical Tokyo post-war neighbourhood in the 1950s or 1960s.  For Japanese visitors of a certain age, it evokes nostalgic memories of their childhood.  For non-Japanese visitors, it’s like you’ve been transported in time to a place that has been recreated with all the detail of a Disney park!

If you love ramen, the Museum is a must-see during a visit to Japan.  It’s a quick 30 minute trip from Shibuya Station if you’re staying in one of the touristy areas of Tokyo.  For more information, visit their website.


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