Episode 10 – On the Red Carpet in Roppongi Hills

Celebrities!  Glamour!  Films!  On Thursday, October 22, the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival got underway at the TOHO Cinemas location in Roppongi Hills – and I had a chance to check it out from (near) the red carpet!  For my gallery of photos, check out my Facebook page.

Also on this episode, I discuss why it’s so important to get an unlocked cell phone so you can use local SIM cards while travelling, and we talk about Japanese mayonnaise.

If you have questions for future episodes, send them along to john at gonejohn.com, or reply in the comments on this post!

Asian film stars dominated the red carpet, in addition to appearances from Dame Helen Mirren, Robert Zemeckis, and Hilary Swank.
Asian film stars dominated the red carpet, in addition to appearances from Dame Helen Mirren, Robert Zemeckis, and Hilary Swank.


2 thoughts on “Episode 10 – On the Red Carpet in Roppongi Hills”

  1. Hey John,
    I’m really enjoying following your travel blog, good job! You were mentioning your finances. Why don’t you start up a “Fund Me” account? You never know, people might be willing to help you along in your travels, and keep you on the road a little longer. Glad you’re enjoying your adventures. (Have you ever been to London, England? Any tips?)

    • Hey Patricia! Thanks for the comment!

      I’m not too concerned on the money side of things – it’s just a matter of being disciplined as I go (which is a good thing!) I’m looking at doing some freelance work while I’m on the road and have been sending pitches out to different publications to do that, so we shall see what comes in!

      As for London – yes! Love London! My advice :

      1) Get a London Travelcard to get around. It works on city buses, the Tube, overland trams, etc. and costs about C$120 for 7 days of unlimited use. It’s a steal of a deal.

      2) Regardless of where you stay, make sure you’re never far from a tube station. We stayed in Earl’s Court and had a <5 min walk to get to the subway. Was a life saver.

      3) To save money, do lunch like the office folks do. Sainbury's, Tesco, Co-op - they all have small convenience store sized grocery stores throughout the city. Grab a sandwich, a bag of crisps, and a soda for about £5 or less, and then find a nice park to picnic in. Cheaper than a restaurant, tasty, and a great way to enjoy the many green spaces around the city.

      4) Buy an umbrella when you get there. Pound stores (aka dollar stores) are the best place to do this since there's a chance you'll break it before you're done, and you'll leave it behind when you come home.

      5) On the experiences side of things :
      Quality splurges are food (give a Gordon Ramsey restaurant a spin) and the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden (book your tickets well in advance).

      If you love to shop, Westfield in White City or Westfield Stratford City (next to the Olympic park) have pretty much every major retailer in the UK under one roof.

      Freebies worth checking out are the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the garden at Kensington Palace, and walking the south bank of the Thames (the restaurant at the BFI Cinema has great fish and chips!).

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