Riding the Yamanote Line Loop

One of Tokyo’s busiest and most important train lines is a popular way for visitors to the city to get around.  The Yamanote Line is a loop railway which spans over 35km, creating a perimeter around central Tokyo, and connecting some of the city’s biggest urban centres.

In this video, I take you to some of the tourist destinations along the line.

Tourists can experience many of Tokyo’s biggest attractions using an all-day ticket called the Tokunai Pass, which costs only ¥750 (a bargain considering individual trips on the Yamanote start at about ¥140 per use (and more depending on the distance travelled in a single trip).  You can buy Tokunai passes from any JR automated ticket machine at stations along the Yamanote Line.

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  1. That was a fun trip around Tokyo. This is great to see Tokyo through your eyes. (You are doing a great job with your blog!) I ❤️ Kit Kat bars. If you ever come across one in chocolate mint or orange chocolate, please bring it home for me. ???? Enjoy the rest of your visit, I know I am!

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