Episode 12 – Festivals and Vino

Live on tape from Tokyo, it’s episode 12 of the Gone John Show!

Coming up on this week’s podcast – a strange festival in western Tokyo, getting used to an uncomfortable word in Japan, and a taste of Canadian wine.

Good news, I’ve been getting over a nasty cold thanks in part to some quality time at a nearby super sento, and some Japanese cough drops a friend tipped me off about.

Christmas is in full force here – it went up as soon as Halloween came down. I know there’s manufactured controversy about starting Christmas early back home in Canada, but I’m rather certain we all have brains big enough to be able to not only set up for Christmas, but remember to show the respect and remembrance our veterans rightly deserve.

D23 Expo Japan 2015 at Tokyo Disney Resort was a great experience for a Disney fanboy like me.  Chris has a full wrap-up on TDRExplorer.com.

Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival was a fun (and free) way to spend Sunday.  Check out my story about it.

One festival I missed last week was Fuchu Prison’s 40th annual Prison Culture Festival.  There really is a festival for everything in Japan!

If you missed the YouTube video earlier this week, I’ve included my interview with Heavenly Vines’ Jamie Paquin in this episode of the podcast.  A great Canadian guy bringing great Canadian wine to Japan!

If you have questions about travel, my trip, Japan, or anything else, drop me a line!  john (at) gonejohn.com.

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