Episode 16 – Gone John and Chris-mas

We wish you a merry Gone John and Chris-mas on this week’s edition of the podcast!  On the weekend, Chris and I had some friends over to his apartment for this year’s edition of “John and Chris-mas.”  When we lived in Canada, we’d host friends at the condo for an annual get-together, complete with roast dinner and all the trimmings.  But with a slightly smaller kitchen this time around, we figured it’d be better to host the event as a potluck – and it was a great night!

In case you didn’t hear at the start of the show (although, I’m not sure how you missed it), my SUV is still up for grabs.  It’s a great, reliable vehicle with a bunch of highway kilometers on it, but runs great.  I’m open to offers and would love to be able to move it soon so I can keep planning my travels.  If you know someone who might be in the market (or if you are yourself), please follow the link and give us a call.

I also mentioned the Word of the Year prize from Japan, and the various winners.  The most notable for me was the “don’t worry, I’m wearing (clothes)” guy.  He’s a riot – and has an English language video if you want to check him out.

On a much more somber note, I also talked about my blog post from this week about train suicides in Japan.  This BBC story also has some interesting insight on the topic.

Do you have thoughts on this episode of the podcast?  E-mail me (john at gonejohn.com) or leave a comment below!

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