Japan’s Train Story Told at The Railway Museum

My affection for Japan’s railway system has grown over the last couple of years. ¬†Aside from being punctual, affordable, and generally the best-way-to-travel around cities like Tokyo, the JR Group railways (and its predecessor – JNR) have an amazing history when it comes to innovation in train travel.

The Railway Museum in Omiya tells the story of the JR Group, and has a number of hands-on train exhibits which let visitors get up close and personal with artifacts in ways other museums don’t allow. ¬†The highlight for me is the restored original Shinkansen engine and train car, which glistens the same as it did when service on the bullet train line started over 50 years ago.

If you are a fan of trains or are curious about Japan’s rail history, this is a great place to check out.


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