Maple Syrup Shots – A Taste of Home

One of the biggest supporters of this blog/podcast/vlog/whatever-the-hell-this-is-this-week that I’m doing is a guy who goes by the handle SKHaiku on Twitter.  Simply put, there are days when guys like him are the reason why you keep on cranking out content, because they’re there with a favourite, a like, a retweet, or any other kind of indication to say, “hey, cool stuff.”

So when he messaged me asking if I’d join him and his co-host Big D on the Maple Syrup Shots podcast, saying yes wasn’t even a question.

We recorded on Thursday morning (my time), and a couple hours later the boys had the show cranked out on Soundcloud.  Give it a listen, give them a follow, and a big thank you from me to them for giving my project some love on their show!

If you want to talk travel, I’m always available for interviews, guest spots, double enders (that sounds dirty), Bar Mitzvahs… just hit me up –

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