Episode 22 – Rockin’ the Suburbs

Ever since leaving Kuala Lumpur, I’ve been finding myself staying in suburban hostels.  The first was Ramarama in Melaka, and now here at Roof Talk Theme Hostel in Johor Bahru.  I don’t mind, though – it’s neat to see how ordinary Malaysians live their daily lives.  And, with city transportation costs so low, it’s not too tough to get to see the sights despite not being in the centre of the city.

Speaking of costs – on this week’s episode of the show :

  • Looking at the cost of my trip so far here in Malaysia.  A big source of inspiration for this trip was Nomadic Matt (Kepnes’) How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.  I’m rather happy that I’ve been able to stay below that amount since arriving in Malaysia.
  • I talk a bit about my time in Melaka and Muar.  Check out the Muar photo gallery further down in the show notes.
  • Big thanks to Saskie and Big D for letting me be a guest on Maple Syrup Shots last week.  If you haven’t listened yet, check it out.

As a show notes bonus, here are some of my favourite pictures from visiting Muar last week.  It’s a really great town with rustic feel.

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