Episode 26 – Organized Chaos

On this week’s episode of the show :

  • Getting grilled leaving Malaysia
  • How to get your landing visa in Vietnam
  • Cultural differences between Malaysia and Vietnam
  • Being on guard in HCMC
  • Plans for the next leg of the trip are ready! ┬áHong Kong Disneyland is on the horizon!
  • News about the future of the trip.

4 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Organized Chaos”

  1. I enjoyed this podcast very much. Entertaining and brought back so many memories of personal experiences abroad. I’ve been in and out of dozens of countries but my Cambodian “in and out” experiences were the most “colourful” and unpredictable in oddities. The most sweat producing border crossings have been trying to return to Canada or entering the USA.
    btw: 125,000 dong for me by taxi from the same hostel to the airport! hehe

  2. ps. I’ve been encouraged by my son to open a youtube channel (which I’ve done). I’ve called it “Stub Toe Travels” and perhaps I will try to put some slideshows, commentary and vids together which reflect not only the experiences of daily life in foreign countries but an insight as to how I travel, what I’m most interested in when travelling and the great friendships that I’ve accrued.
    anecdote: dusk – Tainan, Taiwan – sitting beside an elderly Taiwanese man on a stone bench along the perimeter of a public park and “people watching” – no common language spoken – a young man pulls his motto perpendicular to the sidewalk, parks it and throws an emptied pop can down on the street – out of the shadows comes a very elderly woman with a broom and charges the driver with broom aloft yelling at him in a craggy old voice – message understood – driver picks up the can – pockets it – pulls out and drives away : both I and the elderly man start jabbering away in our own language and both of us start belly laughing and continue to jabber on – minutes later we stand-up, face each other and reach out to shake hands as we also bow to each other – a slice of life “shared” in a most unique way

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