Episode 32 – Running Mountains with Jamie Junker

There’s just something magnetic about the mountains.  Not only are the amazing to look at, but they’re even more fun to play in.  I loved getting out as much as I could as a kid to go skiing, and it’s been too long since I’ve been back to take in that fresh alpine air.

But a friend of mine who I grew up with is making the most of having one of the most famous mountain ranges in his own backyard.  Most days after he’s done his day job, you’ll find Jamie Junker sprinting up one of the many ranges which paint the backdrop of Alberta’s picturesque Kananaskis Country.  You might think he’s a little crazy… I just think he’s fearless – and inspiring for making his mountain passion a part of his everyday life.

Check out some of these photos Jamie has taken up in Alberta’s Rockies.  You’ll agree – it’s breathtaking.  (All photos in the show notes for this episode – including the header image are credit to Jamie.)

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For more on mountain running, visit Jamie’s website.

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