Episode 38 – Around the World

For the next seven episodes on The Gone John Show feed, we are revisiting my original travel podcast series, Boarding Call.

Prior to embarking on my adventure to Asia in the fall of 2015, my plan was to produce a weekly travel podcast to talk with interesting travellers, feature unique destinations, and share advice from experts – along with providing some current travel news.

In May of 2015 – when life presented me the opportunity to go on my own travel adventure – I jumped at the chance.  However, Boarding Call went on to the back-burner and eventually a permanent hiatus.

With The Gone John Show and the Gone John blog being my primary focus of travel content creation these days, I’m winding down my Boarding Call online presence – and wanted to bring these seven shows into the fold.  The stories which were shared still stand up, and are as interesting now as they were when they were first published.

Following these seven episodes, new episodes of The Gone John Show will be forthcoming – so, stay tuned!

Show Notes

After Corey Waldner finished his university degree, he packed his bags and traveled around the world for almost 500 days.  It’s a right of passage these days for many, and while it may be travel don’t call it a vacation.  Corey talks about life on the road and living out of a backpack.  You can find out more about his travels on his blog and Facebook page.

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