Episode 43 – Join the Studio Audience

This is the sixth of seven episodes from my travel podcast series, Boarding Call.  It was originally published on May 21, 2015.

About this Episode :

David Letterman walked off the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater for the final time the week this episode was recorded – and like a lot of people, I was reflecting on how Dave made an impact in my life and career.  And thinking about him isn’t complete without thinking about that cold Monday back in 2011 when Chris and I went to be part of the studio audience for The Late Show.

Being in the audience of a TV show is a unique experience – and if you have travel planned to any of the major entertainment/media capitals of the world (LA, New York, London, Toronto), it’s definitely an experience worth exploring.

On this episode of Boarding Call, I give you the skinny on how to get your hands on tickets to attend a taping of a TV show.

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