Photography by Kendra Olson
Photography by Kendra Olson

For years, I watched friends return from “around the world” trips with a new outlook on life.  I heard their amazing stories about the places they visited and the people they met.

In September 2015, with an opportunity to explore the world, I ventured out for a backpacking travel adventure of my own.

Along the journey, this site – Gone John – has been the place where I have documented the stories of the people I met and the places I visited, through video, audio and text.

Now back in Canada, I’m continuing to use this site to tell stories of travel, adventure, journeys and exploration.

About John

I am a 15 year veteran of the television and radio industry.  I’ve worked in TV and radio news, as a radio station programmer, and an on-air host.  Today, I host an afternoon music program on a radio station in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I have always loved to travel.  From our family’s first road trip to the mountains of British Columbia when I was 4 years old to having visited some of the world’s great cities (including New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo), I have developed a passion for exploring and experiencing new places.

Story and Guest Pitches

If there are destinations or stories you think I might find interesting, please get in contact with me.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you feel like the content my travel content aligns with the marketing goals for your brand, we should start a conversation.


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Disclosure : While none of the content on this website is paid content, some links on this website may be part of affiliate programs related to certain online retailers or other sites.  When those partnerships are established, they will be listed below.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your hockey blog 😉 I also made a website about my travels…I am a programmer so I love producing things for the web. I have also made an online website for students to study English. I am currently working a Kanji program for students who are interesting in learning Japanese. My weak poing is design, so I am seeking that assistance. For now I just plug away the best I can.


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