Looking out the window at Edmonton's International Airport

Finding Zen at the Airport

Much maligned, often reviled, and rarely praised – when is the last time you heard anyone say something good about an airport?  Never mind someone being eager to get to one and spend any length of time in it!

It’s for this reason I’m always cautious to reveal one detail about myself to people I’ve just met, for fear they may think I’m a little crazy : I like airports. No – check that. I LOVE airports.

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The World is Safe

I used to bristle at the notion that the North American media makes mountains out of molehills without pause for perspective or context on stories from abroad.  Then I started to travel.  It is true – we often report on things without really having a sense of place.

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United Airlines 787 Dreamliner | Photo Credit - Eric Salard from Le Grand Village Plage. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

7 things fueling my “wanderlust”

The decision to shove all your belongings in to a backpack, buy a plane ticket, and set off to explore the world isn’t one made in a vacuum.  There are always external influences which push you along the way.  They are the people, stories, and experiences which fuel our wanderlust.

I’ve had many things pushing me toward the idea of long-term travel. Here are seven notable ways my decision was influenced.

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