Tokyo is Yours

Tokyo is a “Go”

I always get a little nervous before clicking the “confirm purchase” button.  After taking as many trips as I have, I know it seems silly.  Yet, when there is so much money on the line, I often don’t trust I’ve entered the correct dates, the correct airport codes, or have really truly selected the correct flights.

Once I click that little red button – in the “non-refundable, non-transferable, you’re-totally-screwed-if-you-mess-this-up” world of travel we live in – whatever I’ve purchased is a done deal.

Today, I clicked the button to start off the first leg of Gone John – confirming a three month trip to Japan this September.

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Grabbing an iced tea while reading up on my new lens!

Gear : Behind the Lens

One of the important pieces of the puzzle for this project is pulling together everything I need to capture the high quality video and audio to tell great stories.  Luckily, I’m able to use some of the gear I have already with a few modifications.  But, I still have some things I need to acquire.

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