Episode 32 – Running Mountains with Jamie Junker

There’s just something magnetic about the mountains.  Not only are the amazing to look at, but they’re even more fun to play in.  I loved getting out as much as I could as a kid to go skiing, and it’s been too long since I’ve been back to take in that fresh alpine air.

But a friend of mine who I grew up with is making the most of having one of the most famous mountain ranges in his own backyard.  Most days after he’s done his day job, you’ll find Jamie Junker sprinting up one of the many ranges which paint the backdrop of Alberta’s picturesque Kananaskis Country.  You might think he’s a little crazy… I just think he’s fearless – and inspiring for making his mountain passion a part of his everyday life.

Check out some of these photos Jamie has taken up in Alberta’s Rockies.  You’ll agree – it’s breathtaking.  (All photos in the show notes for this episode – including the header image are credit to Jamie.)

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For more on mountain running, visit Jamie’s website.

Understanding Low Cost Airlines

Walk through the check-in counters at pretty much any North American airport or visit the social media timelines of any major carrier, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about the relationship between some consumers and the airlines.  Flyers seem disgruntled about value they receive given what they pay for air travel.  It’s a popular topic of conversation, and often mainline airlines are the punching bags of favour for travellers who feel robbed.

It’s against this backdrop that low cost carriers (also known as LCCs) have marketed themselves as a budget-friendly alternative for people wanting cheaper air travel.  With fares as little as $0, many LCCs have garnered attention and buzz.  But what exactly is a low cost carrier?  And what does that ticket actually buy you?

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Episode 31 – The Sound of Silence

Yes!  There’s a slightly different sound to this week’s show.  Let me know what you think of it at john@gonejohn.com.

Also on this week’s show :

  • Being back in Canada means I’m embarking on the next part of my journey – looking for my next career opportunity.  Navigating the universe of applying for a job in 2016 is like visiting a foreign country!
  • I put Michaela Alexis’ excellent LinkedIn tune-up advice to work.  Fingers crossed.
  • If you know of someone who is looking for someone who is good with video, audio, social media and storytelling… I know a guy.
  • I mentioned Roman Mars’ brilliant podcast 99% Invisible.  It is addictive – and has become a bit of an influence for the direction I want to take this podcast.  If you’re looking for a starting point, may I suggest episode 154 about the carpet (that was) in the Portland airport.
  • Episode 15 of this podcast focused on the sounds of Tokyo.
  • I’ve talked before about my love of Skyscanner.  You can add Momondo to that list as well.
  • Exciting news from my Disney obsession front.  Chris from TDR Explorer has booked a trip to be at the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort.  I’m very envious.
  • Whether you’re going to see the Mouse or the Great Wall, I’ve penned a guest post on TDR Explorer with everything you need to know to get an L-class tourist visa to visit China.  Check it out.
  • If you know someone who should be a guest on a future episode, e-mail me.

Episode 30 – Beijing Surprise

I’ve often seen airline employees hold signs looking for passengers arriving on international flights who need to make a connection.  But I’d never been one of those connecting passengers, until I arrived in Beijing en route to Toronto from Hong Kong.

What followed was a rather pleasant surprise, and a bit of a revelation about myself (hint : it’s scary how easy I’d be easy to kidnap).

It’s a Small World, After All

Watch the faces of people walking through the gates of a Disney park, and you’ll realize there is a universal trait. Everyone is smiling.  I tend to believe it’s because you know what kind of day you’re in for.

For the young, they’ll see their favourite characters come to life and (if they’re patient) even give them a hug or an autograph. For the young at heart, it’s a chance to relive the simplicity of childhood – where, if for a daythey can worry about nothing.

On Friday, March 4, as I walked through the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland, a smile spread across my face. But that smile was not for the same reason as so many of the other visitors that day.  I was finally able to cross an item off my bucket list.

Anaheim, Florida, Paris, Tokyo and now, Hong Kong.  I was able to say I had been to every Disney theme park in the world.

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