Episode 18 – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Live on tape from my parents’ basement…

Yep.  I have no shame in saying that this episode of the podcast comes from the toasty warm, natural gas heated confines of my Canadian bedroom as I take a break from time with family here to talk a little bit about coming home.

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Home for the Holidays

The trip from Shinjuku Station to Narita Airport is always an emotionally exhausting journey for me.  Even though I know I’m going to be back in Tokyo again eventually, saying goodbye to the people and places I’ve grown comfortable with is tough.  It’s an acknowledgement time has passed and something I was once “looking forward to” is now over.

This time, while I still had a lump in my throat as the train sped off from the platform, I was eager to get on the plane, because it wasn’t just going back to Canada – I was going back to Canada to see family for Christmas.

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Episode 16 – Gone John and Chris-mas

We wish you a merry Gone John and Chris-mas on this week’s edition of the podcast!  On the weekend, Chris and I had some friends over to his apartment for this year’s edition of “John and Chris-mas.”  When we lived in Canada, we’d host friends at the condo for an annual get-together, complete with roast dinner and all the trimmings.  But with a slightly smaller kitchen this time around, we figured it’d be better to host the event as a potluck – and it was a great night!

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Episode 13 – Santa’s Always Watching

Christmastime has arrived in Tokyo!  And because the big guy in red is always making a list and checking it twice, what better thing to talk about than etiquette in Japan on this episode of the show!  (For more on good manners when visiting, check out my blog post!)

Also on this episode, we talk about how Tokyo puts on a bright celebration of Christmas, dining with ninjas, climbing a mountain, and some thoughts on Paris.