Best Bits : Malaysia

Just over a month ago, I touched down in Kuala Lumpur to begin exploring Southeast Asia.  While I was only expecting to stay a couple of weeks based on my initial planning, I’m leaving the country 32 days later with some amazing experiences under my belt, and a couple of destinations I’ve fallen in love with which I want to visit again.

I didn’t buy any souvenirs (I don’t have room in my backpack for them).  But what I am taking with me are some great memories.

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Episode 24 – Island Life Agrees With Me

This week’s episode cover photo is courtesy of my guest – Sean Curran.  It was taken at Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.  Be sure to check out his travel blog – Twenties.

Be sure to check out Sean's blog.
Sean is blogging his travels around the world.

On this week’s show :

While being on the road might feel like a series of Saturdays, I’m trying to get a handle on what day of the week it is.  (I mentioned A Map for Saturday in the show – the trailer is below.  It’s a good watch – but sadly not on iTunes or Netflix.  You’ll need to buy it from Amazon.)

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