How Rude! (Etiquette In Japan Edition)

When you travel, it’s not uncommon to learn – one way or another – about the rules of politeness in the place where you are visiting.  Often, they can be different to what’s considered good manners where you live.

What I’ve learned over time is that knowing what’s appropriate or inappropriate can build way more goodwill with the locals you interact with, rather than just shrugging your shoulders and helplessly excaliming, “I’m not from here!  I don’t know any better!”

As I travel, I want to note some of these points of etiquette on the blog as a way to help other travellers.  While you’ll still obviously look like a tourist, at least locals will see that you got the memo on how to fit in.

Here is a small – and by no means comprehensive – list of things I’ve learned about etiquette in Japan.

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