How to Make a Trip to Japan Affordable

There is a generally accepted myth that visiting Japan – especially for round-the-world travellers – is a budget-breaking experience.  And while it is true that Tokyo and other cities offer many temptations which can suck your bank account dry, the reality is if you are smart about certain expenses, you can afford to splurge a bit while in Japan.

Here are some ways I’ve managed to make my visits to Japan affordable.

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Episode 6 – How I Spent My Silver Week

Last week’s podcast was recorded smack-dab in the middle of Silver Week.  This week, a look back at the fun we got up to.

Yes, we – because there’s a guest on this week’s podcast.  Chris Nilghe is the guy behind the best English-language site dedicated to the Tokyo Disney Resort – – and also happens to be the one whose floor I’m crashing on while in Japan for these three months.

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