Is the Japan Rail Pass Worth Purchasing?

One of the questions I see asked most often on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum message boards is whether or not Japan Rail Group’s Japan Rail Pass is good value for money. It’s a great question which you’ll often get a subjective answer to.

There are so many variables and personal preferences/biases which can determine whether or not the pass is right for someone.

In this guide, I’ll share my experience and offer suggestions to those looking to ride the rails in Japan.

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The Trouble with Tokyo’s “Human Accidents”

What follows is a bit of a 180 from many of the tales I’ve told about Japan.  It’s a topic which – while talked about in hushed tones over here – isn’t considered polite conversation.  But to paint a real picture of this country, it’s an important thing to discuss.

High speed commuter trains not only get people to and from work or school every day.  They also provide a venue for those who’ve lost a battle with their own mental health to end their lives – and to do it in rather gruesome, exhibitionistic fashion.

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