Episode 27 – Greetings from China Beach

This week’s featured image, by the way, is a photo of sunrise (this morning!) on My Khe Beach (aka “China Beach”) here in Danang.

Coming up on this week’s show :

  • I went for a burger, but got more than I bargained for.  Dinner and conversation with a lady who lived through a big piece of Vietnam’s modern history.
  • A little R&R of my own – doing the math on getting a private room.
  • Taking the train from Nha Trang to Da Nang.  What was a night like on the Reunification Express?
  • Mud Pools and Deadpool in Nha Trang

For more on Mojzo Dorm in Nha Trang, check out their Hostelworld entry.  For more on Danang Beach Hotel, click here.

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