#GoneJohn Spotify Playlist – August 2015

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
– Victor Hugo

Like so many of us, I find the idea of being without music for any great length of time unimaginable.  Especially as I’m setting off on a trip like this.

Everyone has luxury splurges they won’t go without.  For me, it’s my music.  Whether it’s serving as a soundtrack to what’s happening around me, is giving me pause to relax, or is helping me get onward toward that next goal or destination, I need something with a beat to move me along.

It struck me the other day while driving home from Regina that there are indeed a number of songs which have helped guide me to the point I’ve reached with deciding to travel.  And so, with the help of Spotify, I’ve compiled a #GoneJohn playlist inspired by my wanderlust.

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