Episode 16 – Gone John and Chris-mas

We wish you a merry Gone John and Chris-mas on this week’s edition of the podcast!  On the weekend, Chris and I had some friends over to his apartment for this year’s edition of “John and Chris-mas.”  When we lived in Canada, we’d host friends at the condo for an annual get-together, complete with roast dinner and all the trimmings.  But with a slightly smaller kitchen this time around, we figured it’d be better to host the event as a potluck – and it was a great night!

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The Trouble with Tokyo’s “Human Accidents”

What follows is a bit of a 180 from many of the tales I’ve told about Japan.  It’s a topic which – while talked about in hushed tones over here – isn’t considered polite conversation.  But to paint a real picture of this country, it’s an important thing to discuss.

High speed commuter trains not only get people to and from work or school every day.  They also provide a venue for those who’ve lost a battle with their own mental health to end their lives – and to do it in rather gruesome, exhibitionistic fashion.

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