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The Gone John Guide to Cheap(er) Airfare

Aside from accommodations, the other big-ticket thing you’ll have to pay for when going on a trip – long-term or otherwise – is your transportation.  It’s not cheap.  And, even after having booked dozens of plane tickets online in my life, clicking “confirm” on the purchase screen still leaves a lump in my throat and my fingers trembling.  Booking a flight makes a trip more real.

I don’t profess to be the most cost-savvy flyer in the sky (there are some people for whom it’s a game), but over the last few years I’ve developed some habits and have acquired some tips and tricks for chipping away the the expense of flying.  Here is what I’ve learned.

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One Way Getaway?

It’s logical that one of the most pricy elements of a round-the-world trip is the actual cost of the planes, trains, and automobiles which shuttle you from stop to stop along the journey. That said – a backpacker is presented with two very different options when it comes to booking their journey. Do you opt for an airline alliance-backed and packaged “round the world” ticket, or do you plan your trip using a series of one-way tickets? It’s a decision I’m finding you have to make early on in the planning process as it has a big impact on the budget for the trip.

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