The Exit Strategy

How did I get here?

I don’t mean “how did I end up in a coffee shop writing a blog post?”  I know I took the bus to get here.

No, rather, the question at hand goes something like this.

How did I – a small town prairie boy from Canada – end up being a regular in a coffee shop in Tokyo writing yet another travel blog post?

My journey started exactly six months ago – and over that time, I know many people have had questions about the path I’ve taken.  I chose to not share much over that time because so many pieces of this puzzle (my trip) hinged on me living up to contractual obligations which have now come to a conclusion.

Today, however, I feel not only able, but ready to share a bit more of my story.  It’s strange for me to talk about myself this way.  But I share all of this as a way to join the conversation with those who (even for a minute) have considered long-term travel as a goal.

What’s stopping you?  How do you get to your freedom?  What is your exit strategy?


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