Episode 16 – Gone John and Chris-mas

We wish you a merry Gone John and Chris-mas on this week’s edition of the podcast!  On the weekend, Chris and I had some friends over to his apartment for this year’s edition of “John and Chris-mas.”  When we lived in Canada, we’d host friends at the condo for an annual get-together, complete with roast dinner and all the trimmings.  But with a slightly smaller kitchen this time around, we figured it’d be better to host the event as a potluck – and it was a great night!

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Episode 15 – Sounds Like Tokyo

We start the show on a sonic journey through Tokyo.  Not the entire city mind you – there are so many unique sounds that we could fill up the Internet with all the recordings.  What I want to focus on in this episode of the show are the sounds you hear regularly – everyday – in Tokyo, which seep in to one’s consciousness because they become so routine.  Yet, to foreign ears – they can be fascinating!

After we explore what sounds like Tokyo, we visit with someone who knows the sounds of Nara!  Janne Forsyth moved to Japan from Canada 13 years ago, and now calls the Kansai region home.  We talk about living as an ex-pat and how Kansai differs from Tokyo in a great conversation over coffee!

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Dining with Ninjas in Akasaka

In the feudal days of Japan, the ultimate undercover warrior was the ninja. Always watching, always hiding in plain view, he was bound to strike his target at any time.

Pop culture has romanticized the image of the ninja, so it makes perfect sense that in a neighbourhood just steps away from the tourist and gaijin hub of Roppongi, a ninja-themed restaurant has set up shop. But don’t for a minute mistake Ninja Akasaka as being in the same category as chain-owned theme restaurants like Rainforest Cafe or Planet Hollywood. While the ninja theme is immersive, the food – unlike with the chains – is amazing.

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Episode 14 – Touchdown in Tokyo

Grey Cup Sunday is actually Grey Cup Monday Morning here in Tokyo.  Because of the time difference, kickoff is at 8am Monday.  But that hasn’t deterred two of the biggest CFL fans in Japan – they’ll be plopping themselves down in front of a big screen hooked up to a YouTube live stream to catch the game.

Scotty (a Riders fan) and Lanny (a Bombers fan) are the two Canucks transplanted in Tokyo who are the voices behind The Unofficial CFL Podcast.  On this episode of my podcast, we hang out at their neighbourhood bar (a fantastic little place in Fudo-Mae) to talk football, travel, and how someone watched CFL games in Japan before the invention of streaming video. (It’s quite the story!)  You can follow Scotty and Lanny on Twitter at @2guys1greycup.

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