Episode 39 – Exploring French Wine Country

This is the second of seven episodes from my original travel podcast series, Boarding Call.  This episode was originally published April 9, 2015.

Our Guest

André Proulx is a self-taught wine expert who grew up on the Canadian prairies and now calls Toronto home.  He’s written about his recent trip to France’s wine country, including details about his visit to Beaujolais and Lyon.  He’s a frequent guest on CP24, Newstalk 1010 and CTV News Channel, and joins us to talk about his adventure.

Tokyo’s Canadian Wine Store – Heavenly Vines

When you talk to people in Japan about Canada, you typically get asked about mountains, moose and maple syrup – not merlot.  But the reality is Canada is producing some world-class, award-winning wine with small, artesian wineries painstakingly crafting amazing products in many parts of the country.

One Tokyo shop owner wants to change the conversation with those in Japan who don’t realize Canada has a lot to offer their wine racks.

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