Friendship in Fussa

There is a slice of America in the city of Fussa – just on the western edge of Tokyo. A sprawling compound the size of a small city itself, the US Military’s Yokota Air Base has been a fixture since the late 1940s. Over the years, it has grown and expanded and is now home to about 14,000 military personnel. It’s a self-sustaining community inside guarded walls.

Planes fly by and suddenly parachutes dot the sky.
Planes fly by and suddenly parachutes dot the sky.

While members of the military frequently go off-base to take in the culture of Tokyo, it’s not often Japanese locals get a chance to go on base to have a taste of real Americana. But, once a year, Yokota opens their gates and hosts their neighbours¬†for the annual Japanese-American Friendship festival. I had the chance to take in this year’s event along with some friends (including two who work on-base), and was in awe of the spectacle.

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Episode 5 – Happy Silver Week

It’s Silver Week in Japan – which means a five-day long weekend.

Monday was Respect for the Aged day, Wednesday is the Autumnal Equinox Рand because there are two public holidays with a day inbetween, Japanese law states that the middle day is also a day off!  (How awesome is that?)

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