Episode 4 – Konnichiwa From Tokyo

Greetings from Tokyo!  I might be a little jet lagged and a little sleepy, but that’s no excuse not to record the first episode of the podcast from the road!

Photo 2015-09-16, 2 45 48 PMNot gonna lie – I got more than a few strange looks as I was recording this episode in the park outside Musashisakai train station this afternoon, mostly because I was talking in to something that looked a lot like a Troll Doll.

For those not in the broadcasting/podcasting loop, the big fuzzy thing is a windsock and it’s pulled over top of the built-in microphones in my portable field recording unit (the Tascam DR-40 audio recorder.)

The quality of the built in microphone is surprisingly good (most built-ins usually have some sort of hollowness to the sound, but the DR-40’s microphones are really spot on.)  However, if even a small whiff of breeze crosses the mic’s head, without the windsock all you could hear is the sound of blowing.  So, to get a quality recording, the big fuzzy thing is required!

On this episode, I talk about the journey from North America to get to Tokyo, I talk a little about time change, and getting used to the weather here in Japan.

If you have questions, you can always shoot me an e-mail – john at gonejohn.com.

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